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"Since childhood I have thought Buster Keaton’s the most beautiful face of any man I have ever seen, and finally in 1962 I got an opportunity to tell him so. We were in his Sheraton Hotel suite in Rochester during the time he was making a commercial film for Kodak. I was speaking of a shot of him hiding under a table in The General: ‘You were so terribly beautiful in its tragic lighting, Buster, so out of key with your comic character—I can’t understand why you didn’t cut that shot out of the picture.’

"Although the tragic prophecy of that close-up was now visibly chiseled upon the purity of his face, he had evidently never considered people’s reactions to its beauty. For an instant his expression was mystifyingly shaken up like a snowstorm in a crystal paperweight and then, dismissing the whole damned thing, with his little-boy walk he trudged into the kitchenette to get himself a cold beer."

—Louise Brooks

(I’m pretty sure she’s talking about the shot in the last gif.)

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